October 25
Restaurant Law Center Board Meeting & Luncheon
Welcome to Scottsdale – Event Kickoff & Opening Remarks
Unique ADA Accommodation Issues for Restaurant Employers
Food Contact and Consumer Class Actions
But Can They Do That?: An Update on the Limits of Legislative and Regulatory Power
October 26
Lions, Tigers, and the California Bear, Oh My!: PAGA, The FAST Act, and IWC Wage Orders
Tackling Wage and Hour Challenges in Restaurants: Key Focus Areas and Compliance Tips
New Labor Laws in Gotham City Spreading Like Wildfire
Special Keynote Address: Denny Marie Post
Knowing Your Supply Chain – Due Diligence Obligations for Environmental Marketing Claims Involving Externally Sourced Ingredients
Developing Strategically through Licensing, Franchising, Joint Ventures and other Contractual Structures
October 27
Latest Trends in Consumer Class Actions and Mass Arbitrations Facing the Industry
Closing Remarks - Site Announcement for 2024 Restaurant Legal Summit
Pickleball (Optional)
Group Golf (Optional)